Today I’m Inviting You to Join Me as a Human Potential Trainer—Empowering Others and Changing Lives in the Workplace, at Schools, in Your Community… Anywhere!

Will Train You To Share With Audiences Everywhere the Life-Changing Strategies I’ve Refined Over the Last 40 Years

Why this mission is unlike anything I’ve ever done before…

Five years ago, I dreamed of creating a team of people who could bring my powerful strategies for success to people from all walks of life (and in every corner of the globe). Since then, I’ve graduated over 1,200 professionals from my live Train the Trainer program, many of whom have gone on to have incredibly successful careers.

Up until now, I’ve only been able to train people in person, so this limited the amount of individuals who could participate, and the number of people we could impact globally.

Now, I’m on a new mission:

To have 1 million individuals around the world teaching and implementing “The Success Principles” as Canfield Certified Trainers!

Over the past two years, my team and I have worked to film, refine and enhance my successful live Train-the-Trainer program—turning it into a powerful online platform accessible to anyone who doesn’t have the time or budget to participate in my live $15,000 Certification Program.

Now you can become one of my Certified Trainers at your convenience, with little-to-no travel, and with absolutely no extra time off work—paying a modest tuition fee that’s a fraction of what my live-attendance trainers (and other industry professionals) pay to become certified.

Jack Canfield Trainers

If you are passionate about making a difference –  join me in doing so now.

Access Train the Trainer from various devices

star-rating“Jack’s teaching is highly effective.” 
– Ken Blanchard, world-renowned leadership and management expert

My new online curriculum will certify you to teach The Success Principles in any setting, to any type of audience, anywhere in the world. 

You’ll be astonished at how supremely easy we have made it for you to become proficient at delivering my Success Principles and training methodologies with confidence.

Not only will this program fulfill your desire to help others get more from life—you’ll create amazing positive change in your own life and career as well.

Whether you desire to become a professional trainer or simply work with unique groups of people to effect powerful life changes, this online curriculum will allow you to work skillfully with students, employees, clientsgroups of any type or size, in any training setting imaginable—using my step by step process.

Whether you’re a trainer or speaker now—or have simply dreamed of becoming one—this curriculum will transform both you and your audiences.

How do I know?

I’ve used the same content on every continent in the world.

And each time, I see the same results in my audiences. There’s something so amazing in watching people awaken to their own potential for the first time. To realize they have a CHOICE over how they live their life – and the POWER to change it for the better.

These methods are cross-cultural, credible, and engaging—as well as experiential. They’ve been embraced by corporations, universities and school systems, religious institutions, and even governments worldwide.

Now I’m inviting you to become part of my vision and global movement—at your own convenience, on your own schedule, and without the cost of travel…becoming a graduate-level certified Canfield Trainer (if you choose)—all at a fraction of what my live Train-the-Trainer participants pay!

Jack Canfield international speaker

Master teaching the proven system that has helped hundreds of thousands of people create extraordinary success in their lives.

The Success Principles Curriculum

The Success Principles

star-rating“The results you’ll achieve will be extraordinary!”

—Anthony Robbins, author of Unlimited Power

In 2005, I wrote The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be (now published in 108 countries in 30 languages) and introduced the world to 64 proven principles the world’s top achievers use to excel in business, finances, relationships, career and more.

Now, with the release of the 10th Anniversary edition of the book, we’re advancing the message of The Success Principles, by training others in these human-potential basics.

I’ve spent the past 40 years studying, refining, and teaching these principles to literally millions of seminar participants, coaching clients, keynote audiences, educator groups, managers, schoolchildren, government leaders, entrepreneurs, and more.

This industry-leading formula has built my international career, taken me to many of the most prestigious stages in the world, and given me the opportunity to constantly hone and test my methodologies.

Now you have the opportunity to advance the message of The Success Principles and become fully immersed – and trained in – my core Success Principles curriculum and powerful teaching methodologies.

Whether your audience is in the hundreds, thousands, in small group settings or even one-to-one; you’ll come away with the techniques, training, tools, resources and the experience to transform lives like never before.

Jack Canfield inspirational speaker
Jack Canfield America's #1 Success Coach
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Perfect for teaching, training, speaking or consulting in any field

If you lead, teach or manage people in any capacity, introducing personal-development training to your work will help them become successful on the job, in their careers, and at home. These principles are applicable to:

  • Corporate clients

  • Seniors and their caregivers

  • Business support and logistics

  • Grief counseling

  • Teens and young adults

  • Service-based entrepreneurs

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Women

  • Health coaching

  • Alternative healthcare providers

  • Families with children

  • Career Coaching

Become Certified in The Success Principles—empowering audiences, changing lives, and becoming respected, esteemed, and valued in return!


You'll have 24/7 access to:

Access Train the Trainer from various devices

Over 35 Hours of Live Instruction on Video

I will personally instruct you on my core principles and powerful experiential exercises applicable to any training audience or workgroup.

You’ll be guided on how to teach The Success Principles curriculum… how to facilitate my exercises…  how to “process” audience members through personal breakthroughs… how to debrief your training group so they achieve the transformation they’re looking for… how to overlay these principles onto other training curriculum you teach… and how to incorporate these principles and habits into your own life for stunning advancement and more!

Sign up today as my newest Success Principles trainer and you can instantly access the video modules—mastering these concepts and putting them to work immediately.

Comprehensive Written Training Modules, Worksheets and Handouts

You’ll receive organized and easy-to-follow instructions detailing how to facilitate each of my exercises, principles and processes in any training setting.  These resources include student handouts, leaders logs, scripts, and stories, plus other reference materials for use in any live training or speaking engagement.

If someone calls you and tells you they want you to hold a workshop or presentation TOMORROW, you’ll be armed and ready to go.

You’ll never have to scramble to prepare a presentation or say NO to an offer again!

facilitator guides
sample blueprint

Detailed Blueprints for a Successful Hour-long, Half-day, and Full-day trainings

Successfully conducting your first several trainings is the key to long-term success.

Start right with training outlines for different workshop formats – including all the core content modules, stories, activities, and exercises I personally use to conduct my signature 60-minute keynote, half-day and, full-day workshop .

Fully Customizable Slide Decks You Can Start Using Today

It’s easy to get started with the PowerPoint templates we provide. Each can be customized for use in your own workshops and presentations—with your own images and branding. You’ll receive slide decks for a 60-minute keynote, half-day workshop and a full-day training–which creates a turnkey presentation, allowing the newer presenters to have the clarity necessary to deliver a successful workshop, speech or message.

Formats include both Powerpoint (for PC) and Keynote (for Mac).

fully customizable powerpoint slides

Jack Canfield Methodology

Additional “Canfield Methodology” tools to enhance your presentations and transform your audience members

Learn how to guide and manage audience energy and learning like a pro. You’ll get the list of processes you need to incorporate my holistic “whole body” teaching methodology into your own trainings so you can change lives with powerful self-esteem building activities, bonding exercises, transition techniques, guided meditations, energizer moments, games and more.

Access to Our Private Worldwide Training Community

Join other graduates worldwide to collaborate, share ideas, compare audience impact, and post joint-training opportunities in the online training community for certified trainers only.

This is a powerful opportunity to connect and learn from fellow students, trainers and alumni in a robust and active online forum.

global network of trainers

Experience Life-Changing Personal and Professional Transformation

In the process of learning to change other people’s lives with these powerful Success Principles, be prepared experience your own life-changing transformation!

Suddenly you’ll have newfound confidence to take on exciting opportunities that will move you forward in your career. You’ll feel more focused, more centered, more joyful and more connected to others as you find yourself living an enlightened, success-oriented lifestyle filled with ease and grace.


Become a Certified Success Principles Trainer

Once you’ve successfully completed the online program, you’ll become a Canfield Certified Trainer in The Success Principles, and enjoy these professional benefits:

  • COACH, SPEAK, AND TRAIN in any market, anywhere in the world
  • DELIVER YOU OWN SUCCESS-PRINCIPLES STYLE TRAININGS using Jack’s scripts, exercises, and handouts
  • PERSONALIZED CERTIFICATE & OFFICIAL SEAL for use in your marketing materials and website
  • FEATURED LISTING IN THE CANFIELD TRAINER DIRECTORY to give exposure to your and your business
  • ELEVATED STATUS when attending Jack Canfield hosted events
  • WHOLESALE PRICING on Canfield success products for resale
  • UPGRADE YOUR TRAINING with special offers and opportunities exclusive for Jack’s online students
  • ONGOING ACCESS to the private community and online course— including future training modules—as your program will never expire
Become a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles
Become a Certified Success Principles Trainer

Enroll with Confidence with Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We invite you to enroll in Train the Trainer Online at no risk whatsoever. If you’re not completely satisfied with your training or certification experience, let us know within 14 days and we will refund your tuition.

With this kind of professional training, you could easily…

  • Deliver your own Success Principles-style workshops and training— using the scripts, exercises and handouts I’ll give you.

  • Overlay The Success Principles exercises and audience-processing methods onto other programs and curriculum you already teach—helping you truly transform (and get far better results with) your audiences, students or constituents.

  • Become more confident on-stage speaking to audiences of any size—knowing your participants are fully engaged and receiving maximum benefit from your teaching.

  • Up-level your own game—personally and professionally—by incorporating these powerful concepts into your daily life, workplace habits, career activities and important relationships.

  • Train your own employees—as many of the entrepreneurs in my live program have done (and who are now seeing record growth and profits in their companies).

  • Complete the training at your own pace, in your own time frame. The course is available to you 24/7, and your online access will never expire.

Use The Success Principles to accelerate your career


Join Our International Family of Canfield Trainers and Make A Quantum Leap In Your Career Today!

Over 1,000 students in 74 contries

actual Canfield Trainers around the world

Bring Success Principles training to your organization
and transform productivity and job satisfaction

As a Certified Canfield Trainer, you’ll become a change leader for your organization.

By introducing personal-development training to your employees, you will see greater productivity, peak performance and a brand new “can-do” attitude in every area of your business.

Suddenly, challenges like absenteeism, low productivity, quality control issues, failure to meet stated objectives—even issues related to mergers or lay-offs—are reduced. Your workplace environment simply becomes a more pleasant place.

Businessman Making Presentation To Office Colleagues
Businesswoman Addressing Meeting Around Boardroom Table

Not only that, but the monetary pay-off can be immense. According to Zero Million—a leading research outlet for entrepreneurs—allowing for personal growth in the workplace leads to high quality job performance.

Think about it. If your people (or your clients teams) could produce just 20% more than they do now, what would that mean to your top-line growth?

Engaged employees have more confidence, take ownership of their results, make fewer mistakes, do more with less… ultimately increasing bottom line results!

Begin Studying With Me Today and Move Your Training Career to the Next Level Within Weeks!

Watch A Preview Now

This is just a small sample of the powerful speaking and training methodologies you’ll learn.

Here’s what professional trainers and others say about this unique program…

Connie Whitesell

“The online program is amazing! Everything needed for me to create an amazing experience is right there. I’m conducting my annual Final 4 Workshop for basketball coaches’ spouses in a few weeks and I can’t wait to incorporate these tools into my presentation! I am so thankful for this invaluable resource.”

– Connie Whitesell, SPHR, CPC
Human Resources Consultant

Click to play video

“I’m two days into Train the Trainer Online, and you’ve done a phenomenal job putting this program together! It’s one of the easiest programs I’ve ever seen and I can implement the material immediately.”

– Jeremy O’Neil
President & National Spokesperson

Deborah Rohan Schlueter

I just completed the first module of the TTT home program, and I am over the moon happy and excited with the program… the attention to detail, all the supporting materials and tools you provided, and finally, the pure enjoyability of it all. I am thrilled and grateful, and thought you should know.

– Deborah Rohan-Schlueter
Executive Director, Posner Center for International Development

Oddmund Berger

“Jack’s program has added great value to me and my business. As a trainer, I have extended my curriculum with numerous teaching points, stories and exercise and am thrilled with how well they integrate with, and add value to, my curriculum.  As a result, this has lead to highly satisfied clients and more business!”

– Oddmund Berger, Oslow, Norway
International Business Consultant

Dr. Lori Freisen

“Weaving the principles into the work I am already doing has sky-rocketed the value my clients receive. I have incorporated some of the incredible exercises from The Success Principlesinto workshops for women and teens with amazing results and extremely positive feedback.”

– Dr. Lori Freisen
Author, Educator and Speaker

Susan Treadgold, executive development coach

“This was by far the best investment I have ever made in my life. The personal and professional growth I experienced and the international network of incredible people I met were priceless. Thank you to Jack and his team for creating such a transformational program.”

– Susan Treadgold, London, U.K.
Treadgold Executive Development

Guarantee Life-Changing Career Success
Enroll in Train the Trainer Online Today!


Master Trainer Jack Canfield

I’m committed to helping you become a transformational leader in your field—working with audiences and students of all kinds—within weeks of starting this unique online training with me.

The videos, guides, and techniques are easy-to-follow and simple to deliver in front of any training audience—whether delivering them alone or in conjunction with another curriculum you now teach.

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Join the Canfield Training Team! When you enroll in the program you’ll get 24/7 access to the complete step-by-step system I’ve perfected over the last 40 years and become a Canfield Certified Trainer at a special price (payment plans now available).

This is the first time I’ve ever offered this level training online, and I’m really excited to share it with you.

Enter your details below to get started…

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Enroll with Confidence with Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We invite you to enroll in Train the Trainer Online at no risk whatsoever. If you’re not completely satisfied with your training or certification experience, let us know within 14 days and we will refund your tuition.

Upgrade Your Online Training:

Join Jack Canfield LIVE and See These Training Concepts in Action!

For a modest extra charge, you’re invited to be trained by Jack in person in his Train-the-Trainer LIVE Program.

Train the Trainer LIVE is an extraordinary career development program that has launched hundreds of professional trainers in the human-potential field worldwide over the last five years. It’s the ideal environment to deepen your understanding of this work, learn from Jack personally as you hone and refine your training skills, and get feedback and assistance as you build your successful training business.

The program starts August 14th with two days of intensive groundwork (a small group meeting with Jack personally) designed exclusively for his top-tier professional students. Then you’ll join Jack and your fellow trainers at his five-day signature personal development program, Breakthrough to Success—a training that’s already helped thousands of people dream big, achieve their goals and change their lives for the better.

Not only will you transform and grow personally, you will witness the skills of managing a training room, processing individual attendees, handling feedback, creating teachable moments, debriefing exercises, and so much more!

As a participant of this life-changing seminar and as an emerging Canfield Trainer, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make a connection between the principles you’ll learn online and the principles as they’re actually delivered in a training setting
  • Step outside your comfort zone, take on new challenges and become a trainer worth following
  • Define your own career path as a trainer—developing more passion for your work, creating a clear plan of action, and establishing daily behaviors that will support your life’s work.
  • Be assigned to a Mastermind Group of like-minded people who can support you in your growth throughout the year—both personally and professionally.
  • Establish a life-changing breakthrough goal for your training career—knowing you have the support of fellow trainers you’ll meet at these live training sessions.
  • Achieve tremendous personal growth as you set goals, process your thoughts, and create specific outcomes during experiential exercises – the same exercises you’ll be facilitating as a Success Principles trainer!
  • PLUS, so much more!

This extraordinary seven-day training event takes place August 14-20, 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona. An optional second week of live training with Jack takes place later in the year..

Experience this material at Breakthrough to Success
jack teaching live
train the trainer jack canfield

Hone Your Training Skills
with Me LIVE…

Upgrade to my long-established Train-the-Trainer Live program (which includes my signature Breakthrough to Success transformational event) and learn these training methods during exclusive skill-building sessions with me and your fellow trainers.


Upgrading to Train-the-Trainer LIVE is easy!

In fact, one of Jack’s Train-the-Trainer program specialists can help you register for both the online and live programs—and discuss various pricing and payment options that make it easy to upgrade.

Call 1-805-881-5191 to connect with a Canfield Team Advisor.
(Be sure to ask about our special upgrade incentive!)



I Want YOU to be Part of My Mission

Why am I so committed to making this  Certification training so affordable?

Because my vision is to develop the next generation of human potential leaders worldwide, this means the training must be accessible to those who live outside North America, who cannot take weeks away from their job or current training schedule, and who cannot afford the investment required to train personally with me over several months time.

When you take advantage of my powerful online training program I will help you become a skilled human-potential and self-development trainer who can change lives, companies, and cultures for the better—regardless of whether you train a specific curriculum now or are simply looking to become a professional trainer in the near future.

Sign up now to let me know you’ll be joining me on this mission!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Enroll with Confidence with Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We invite you to enroll in Train the Trainer Online at no risk whatsoever. If you’re not completely satisfied with your training or certification experience, let us know within 14 days and we will refund your tuition.